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Dates to think about: First, I had a re-confirmation on a group for a pay date of 10 / 10-10/ 15. That being said, it was brought to light today that Iraq’s New Year is 10/15.

Could this finally be our New Year baby, a re- birth of a nation?

Now, someone asked me about the 3 other dates out there: 20th, 22nd, and 23rd.I said these were for the public exchange…..I said count back 10 days…..Why you ask?

Does everyone remember way back that they needed 10 days to do exchanges? How many times did we hear this?

Now look at the dates now. The 20th has passed but the window for the 22nd will halt tonight but Tuesday the 13th,wed, the 14th are still highly in play.

Yes the UN operational rate report is still in play BIG time

Now enter OM (Open Mic Call) , and the premise/rumor  that they want us completed by Thursday evening. That would truly be a miracle and I really hope it is for real.

Iraq is ready, the emerging countries are more than ready and lastly China is helping. Good luck.

And a thank you to the TNT family.