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I hope that everyone saw the beautiful post done by Zap and Susan. I could not have said it any better than that.  Link

WE ARE ABOUT TO RECEIVE OUR BLESSING. (I  have intel that a group that has paralleled us and has an skr was told ,now, funds will be available today or Friday…….again treat as rumor.)

Realize that due to some banking issues, we are once again back on track for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The important thing we have heard is that we, the Internet group are supposed to be completed by the 30th of November.

Why, you ask?   WE hear that on November 30th the whole world is going to know about the Renminbi and the GCR/RV.

The treaties have been signed, the bonds have been released, the banks have been ready for weeks.

IMO The bank failures won’t happen now and the new financial system is in place.

As we enter the season of giving, we need to remember where we have been, how we got to this point and where are we going.

We, as Americans, still have our work cut out for us. We need to speak out, remain positive; and raise an awareness to all to be open for positive change.

This country, the home of the free and the brave had taken a backwards turn. Now it is full steam ahead.

Happy holidays to all.    Martha

P.S. Friday, 11/27 is the full moon which will be a 100% full. This is a sign of completion of a cycle and hopefully a completion for us.