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It seems that the only concern now is date and rate.  I have heard that the plan is in motion and that those of us in Dinarland have the opportunity to be first in …..before the whole world see this.

Also hearing that the forex isn’t going to change until the 30th/12/1,when the Renminbi  is announced officially.

Bruce mentioned the 29th…. of course depending on the time zone….The 29th would normally be the day to release new money and move money.

Hearing that Iraq was told to move the LD’s sooner.

With all these minor glitches, today 11/27 is the full moon, a sign of completion and hopefully we will be at the bank shortly.

I am hearing that we will be given the honor, before the rest of the world to receive this blessing.

The basket of currency has been in place and moving since the beginning of November. Also note that the Rial is not available for 48 hours after the RV (11/30) is (hopefully) officially released.

Realize that the RV dates will differ in the history books but the 20th- 22nd will be the day of month.

We have been full of could have, should have, and didn’t have for various reasons.

We lived this history and I for one am ready for a change.