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The day isn’t over and we need the RI to be in before the 30th.

The UN operational rate isn’t even done yet and people are already looking toward Jan.

IMO China is giving us a gift of a lead (to exchange before public)to prevent the storming of the banks.

THE RV HAS HAPPENED ALREADY actually several times since April 22, 2015.

We are hearing that no one is stopping this. I see some people are throwing dispersions at Bruce because we don’t have the 800# right this second.

The negativity is unbelievable.   We still hear that the plan is in place and we will be able to go in before the 30th.

The rates are in place and they are better than expected. The rates may go up more on the 30th/dec.1. Also, remember the Rial can be exchanged on Dec 2.

No news is good news. Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I am waiting on info on the pvt group to see if they were funded today.

The plan was quite defined and so far things have happened on schedule with some minor banking issues.

I just saw an article that stated how bad black Friday is financially. Well, we have 3 weeks to help correct it.