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As usual I did some homework early this Sunday AM.

I re- read OM notes from Okie, a person I have known vicariously thru the Internet and whom highly respect.

He was quite positive about this week (call was 11/23). Okay, so as of yesterday still no 800#.

Iko made mention of a possible move of money this weekend but by whom?

If you have been watching, It seems they have been “baiting” the so called hedgers and then arresting them and returning the money. You should start seeing  more arrests publicly.
Now, we all know the RV is on our doorstep. Right?
#1 the Rial is exchangeable on Dec 2. Okie confirmed as well as the TNT post/Zap post.

Okie also re-affirmed the Philippines Treaty as the final signature and gold movement.

On Thursday there was a post that the Chinese stock market was collapsing? (do I and Iko and Elmer smell a set up?) The commodities are set up to take a nose dive on 11/30? Is this not a perfect time for a world rescue by China aka the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family with the shift in the gold?

From my sources……The RV has happened and 11/30 is the release to the world.

On 12/4 we should see  an announcement by the Fed that billions of dollars are being taken by Congress to fund the highway bill.

Is this part of the dismantling of the Fed? If this bank is “our” central bank- why so many branches? (Hint hint).  I have been told that the buck stops with the UST.

Is this the plan that Bernanke created years ago to break up the Fed?

On 12/16th hearing that the Fed meets and will decide on interest rate increases.  Yes or No.

I can’t say except it may be false hope for the other markets, especially the European Union.

England is talking Brexit and of course everyone else is also taking a break away attitude.(From the Euro)  The euro is still on very shaky ground.

Greece, Spain, and Portugal are having second thoughts.  Even Angela Merkel’s tenure is in question as well as issues with manufacturers like Volkswagon.

I have been saying for months that China has been quietly investing in “ecological/utility” companies throughout the European Union.

Look at how much debt forgiveness and “sovereign” bond money has been put into play.

Draghi and the EU placed a sovereign bond market in place a few years ago to shore up the EU countries in need. China and even Russia have been helping out quietly.

Let’s not even count the outright Santa Claus moves of Chinese President Xi.

No matter how this rolls out, WE are all in the win column. Chalk one up for Humanity!

Let’s see what happens today.

The premise was to give us some lead time for the banks but it seems to me now that it is definitely becoming a “shot gun” approach. (Everyone goes at the same time)

There is still a lot of negativity out there in Dinarland today. I will check on that Private group I know with the SKR…. but I have a feeling it will show on Monday.

Did you know that today 11/28 is the start of Advent?

A start to the holiday season in the Christian religion…12/ 6 is the start of Chanukah and another interesting note is that on 12/25/2015 is another full moon.. This usually only happens in cycles of 19 years. I think it’s interesting that we had the star of Bethlehem this year and now a perfect end to a year?

Who says this year 2015 hasn’t been mystical and full of prophecy  in the age of Aquarius?


This will drive markets in a “most important’” week

To Elmer & IKo

This looks like the perfect storm. I love the macro economics and emerging countries. I also can’t believe the garbage about US unemployment- numbers ….they are bogus as usual, no pay raises against inflation and no money.

Our budget is only patched till 2017.We are still broke and can’t print fiat currency!   Martha