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Educate yourself as to what is about to happen and how we got here.

Yes the next 48 hrs should be the end of the fiat currency but also the release of the sovereign /historical bonds which I have tried to tell you about.

Thus project has been in play for thousands of years and now the time is right to release this plan.

Understand that it has been a bad game of many trying to steal the gold meant for all of humanity,   gold that has been protected for thousands of years.

This has also been an attempt to reestablish a gold standard as well as re-align or create a balance in all countries. With the introduction of stricter banking rules; bank systems that can bypass those who will still try to steal from us all, and in the process we can try to fix this broken planet: Earth.

China was given the task along with the BRICS Alliance and the Chinese dynasty.

Keep the faith because we are almost there.