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On Bruce’s call, a lovely lady mentioned that I had said that the Rial would be available on 12/2.Bruce answered her but I wish to add that the RV should have been completed and announced by or on 11/30.

The Rial was not to be in the basket of currency but be available as a reinstatement of the old rate. The rial would be available 48 hours after the RV.

Now based on this data today is the day 12/2. An added note is that the Rial was listed in this basket of currencies to revalue in some of the notes (Big Call Notes). I’m not sure if that is true.

Also, Okie, on OM mentioned the rial and stated it wasn’t the best deal in the group of currencies but I will say that even at pre-sanctions going back to the collapse of their government, the rate was approximately $3.20 plus or minus. Eventually it will rise again.

Iran is pumping oil again and selling to the world without sanctions.

I suggest you read about the history of Iraq and the collapse of a family dynasty. Also look at the present makeup of the country’s dynamics which is very similar to Iraq with religious leaders, different sects of people, yet a parliamentary government with a prime minister (if I’m not mistaken).