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Russia just took a major devalue in the market for the week. This is what China did this past August to nudge the RV!

Well, China said they wouldn’t do it again, so fellow BRIC nation has taken the charge!

What a great way to bring in the RV!   All in the timing.

Well, let the games begin! Are we seeing the set up for releasing the RV?

The Russian ruble took a major devalue this week. This is exactly what China did in August to jump start the GCR / RV.

Remember what we said, you need to devalue to revalue.

Well, China promised they wouldn’t do this again, although it was a necessary move and was applauded by the IMF (hint, hint).
But, Russia, a BRIC member didn’t say they wouldn’t. Russia has been hit hard in recent months with on and off again sanctions, but Putin is someone to be reckoned with and Russia is a major player and will survive.

So now we see a great way again to slide the GCR /RV and show it to the world – this could be the icing on the cake …so to speak.

DISCLOSURE is another game changer. We are now seeing more arrests – one in particular caught my eye involving Indonesia and Goldman Sachs, which is a family driven banking engine that has the worse derivative base and has been involved in too many shady deals to count.

On last night’s Big Call, again few things came to light. One is that an issue with Hong Kong banking may have been resolved sooner than next week.

The private group I am following was told ” no later than Wednesday and, they also mention maybe into this weekend.

Are we now MARKET DRIVEN? If so, by Sunday night, you may see a true explosion.

The sixth of December was mentioned by another site.

Also, for general info, the 6th of December is the start of Chanukah, the festival of LIGHTS!