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To all, I just received my copy of Zap and Poof and I must say that although this letter is quite lengthy it is full of some of the most world changing information I have ever seen. LINK

It is important to realize that this is not CONSPIRACY MATERIAL but the truth, and the TRUTH THAT WILL BE THE GAME CHANGER IT IS MEANT TO BE!.

Those that continue to deny these truths are only hurting themselves. We cannot continue wearing blinders. Sometimes the truth hurts but it must be said.

We, the people will overcome this obstacle and unite to help educate those who will not understand when the S__T hits the fan.

Yes, we are getting the RV, but let’s not forget how we got here; the loss of life that has happened as well as who brought this to us, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon families.

I wish to all season greetings and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Reuters: Turkey to stop sending soldiers to Iraq after Baghdad protests
From Reuters News:  Turkey to stop sending soldiers to Iraq after Baghdad protests

Turkey said on Sunday it would halt further transfers of troops to an area near the Islamic State-controlled Iraqi city of Mosul after Baghdad threatened to appeal to the United Nations to force Turkey to withdraw its soldiers.

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Hooray to Abadi to stand his ground. Turkey is controlled by the USCORP and Abadi has said several times for the US to say good- bye.

Asian markets close mixed, economic data eyed

Please pass this to IKO and Elmer. Asian markets aren’t showing RV yet but that doesn’t mean it won’t later like tonight. Money moves on Tues.  At this point the markets don’t see this on the surface.

The RV is today according to sources and we should be headed to the banks today/tuesday. Im not concerned about the forex since it is bank driven as well as market. It also could just “pop” up.

As of 6 am est, I don’t know what the forex is showing.