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I guess, I will give one more Crack at it. RAYREN gave some interesting clues today and I will add a few of my own.

Yes we hear the RV had happened on Dec 1, 2015 for the umpteenth time this year. Now we are deep in it and a very short process prevails.

Hearing China wanted it done TODAY! But I’m not sure that will happen.

Markets in the Asian zone closed flat with no true indication of what is about to happen.

Yes the TRN ‘s are live but actually have been for quite a while.

Next on Tuesday the bank codes are live. Guess what, they have been since Friday with the transfer of codes as posted by Scorpio.

Two down, one to go. The forex- are we going to see it or is it going to not show just yet?

How many times have we seen movement in that direction, then it returned to 1166 but it seems luck is on our side for the moment?

Now, did Iraq really just R/I or was this brief increase in rates happen because WE weren’t ready and promises are promises and this is a show of what is about to happen for their country.

Iraq has been ready for so long, that all expected rioting in the streets. All I can say is PM ABADI is one great diplomatic leader.

Now enter 2 back wall dates.

The 15th of December is when the tariffs are to be implemented. It is also mid- month for UN operational report and we hear it will be when the public will be able to go into the bank.

Now let’s add the 11th.

I may be wrong on this but if congress doesn’t get our budget completed, they may be closing down again.

Ok, now I will add some personal intel. 2 groups that I am aware of that have skrs have been told no later than Wed and no later than Thurs. Now that doesn’t mean it can’t happen sooner.

Lastly, are we going to be a “non-event” We are considered private and one for all and all for one.

I wonder if the forex won’t change till next weekend, long after we have exchanged.

I would say we are in it …around it …and standing on it and THE SOONER THE BETTER!!!

Also, this is a bank event right now but that could change in a snap of a finger.

I hope this makes sense because I am retiring, effective this week, not 2016 or 2017!