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I just checked around the news media and all seems quiet. Asian markets are closing and Europe is next.

From what I am seeing …It is a false hope on the Fed raising interest rates. Even 0.25% won’t do anything and it looks like the EU is about to collapse the Euro – this could be a sacrifice for the financial world.

As the GCR continues, IMO now you could see England, Greece, and several other countries break from the Euro.

England wanted a Brexit but total separation is not what China wants. IMO….. All these countries can still benefit from the European Union ….. just not the currency part . Sovereign countries need to stand on their own (with their own currency); we are hearing that this was the intent of the GCR.

IMO…..China had no intention of bankrupting the US. Like I have been saying they have been shoring up countries and even businesses that provide services like electricity and water and ecological.

Still hearing that today is our day or no later than 2 morrow.

Then add the final signature needed and funding of the Hong Kong banks and then release of the banking codes on Friday, we should be a go for today.

We have been told that one group says they will be paid BY Wednesday AM  and the other by Thursday AM.

These are SKR’s… thus the  money has been cleared and individual money will be deposited and available….usually by 8am.

I know that at Wells Fargo my monthly direct deposits are usually posted by 5am EST but are done from PST..

Now as far as the email deal goes the verdict is still out on that.

I spoke with several people who had signed up with this group and even did the email update so time will tell……we will see.

Well, that’s it gang. watch and wait cause when this go it will be so fast we won’t know what hit us.

Have a great day and perhaps tonight will be Bruce’s celebration call.

P.S> Boy, everyone is out to destroy Turkey.Are you aware of the messianic prophecy about Russia, Crimea and Turkey?

Interesting premise.