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I have said that this is still a slow roll out of sorts. It did start December 1.

On the 4th/5th final releases and bank fundings were completed in China and then started the movement of bond money, bank codes, and finally soon we will be arriving at Bank Day.

Like I said 2 different groups, who have SKR’s have been told payments no later than Wed and/or Thurs.

I am hearing that everyone goes at same time now.

I’m not sure if the forex will show this yet. The indications are there but at this point, this is a bank driven plan.

The plan was that we, the private and Internet group had the lead by 10 days. (Didn’t seem to happen)

My thought is that the public will see this on the 15th which is when Iraq will start collecting tariffs again.

On December 11, we, the USA will still be very broke and there was a possibility of furlough for government employees. The US budget that was passed by the Gov. was again just another band aid that was to take it to 2017? Or after the elections? Now who does that make sense to?

Hopefully this time we will see a corrected UN operational sheet (not that it will matter at this point) but the USD is due for a review on December 20th since the last one was in 1995! Will the dollar remain 1.00 or will it float like the euro and the yuan?  We wait and see.

To all the naysayers in Dinarland.

This is the real thing. The reality is that without China, the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family you would still be stuck in the same scenario that we have all been in for 3 plus years.

Like I have said, the truth can hurt but from truth comes a reason to look to the future; to implement change because we need it before we destroy ourselves. Martha