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No new intel per Rayren but I did finally hear from my pvt group with SKR’s. No go today but they are being told by the 15th.

Now let’s look at the progression of where we are.

Tomorrow 12/10 there is one more group that was told funding on this day; yet to be seen.

History has dictated that Iraq, Kuwait have “rv’d ” on Thursday.

Friday 12/11/2015 is not only a master Chinese number but the day the UN operational rate sheet is set for Dec 15th.

The 11th of Dec is the day that our Govt has to come up with a solution for the budget again.

There is still a possibility of Govt employees having to take a furlough….and yes, we are headed into a weekend but, hopefully we are headed into banks  sooner than later.

On Dec.15th Iraq plans on re-implementing the tariffs.  Are we waiting for the 15th? (I hope not!).

Now for the forex. I am not sure the timing on the change,  but if the UN sheet sets up for 12/11 then it may pop on 12/10- 12/11 – just an educated guess at this point considering how many times we have been here.

To Dinarland: No one is holding this up. The process continues. We are truly there;

Realize that a MASSIVE amount of funds are being moved thru the world financial systems.
I cannot emphasize the importance of reading the history regarding the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family. We need to wake up to the truth of how we got to this point.

This is not conspiracy theory but a retrospect of history that has been hidden and actually denied by many who don’t want the truth to be known.
I am listening to the TNT call and to the lady who asked about the word “processing ”

I will answer by saying that at this point, this week, each day has a specific step to be completed to go into the bank. If you go back to the start of 2015 and come forward, each month there has been something or someone that has thrown a crimp into our blessing.

It has been a worldly clean up but we are NOW at the point that it is safe to go forward without fear.

Usd on UN operational report

For months, the USD was listed for 1.00 standard for December 20, 1995.

In doing some research today, the USD shows at 1.00 for December 1, 2015. Very interesting since it was due for review this year.

Perhaps a quick sleight of hand before it possibly starts to devalue?

Only time will tell. A lot of changes are about to happen.

Zimbabwe is still not on the list and countries with dinar have strange rates e.g Kuwait is at 0.305? What happened to it’s 3.50 rate and Jordanian dinar is at 0.708.Iran’s rate, although 29980 was actually updated for Dec 1,2015.

This sheet has definitely gone thru changes for this month.  More to come.