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Well with that tweet from TNT today:

TNTRAYREN98 ‏@THE_TNT_TEAM  No new info today. Everything is great and on track. Enjoy your weekend. #wearethepeople  ,)

I would definitely say that the 15th is our day but considering time now based on Asian market, then hopefully  bank appts  Monday afternoon after markets.

IMO The puzzle may now be completed.

Time lines will be East to West since China is in the driver’s seat.

I always said PM Xi was playing Santa Claus. This is certainly one great gift for Humanity.
One last thought, We have heard that the RV has already happened several times over.

This should be the FINAL ROLL OUT.

China’s plan was to do it slowly as to not shock the financial system but as you can see it had its stops and starts but I believe we are finally there.

Not the shot gun approach but the end result will still be in place for the holiday season.