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I’m up early checking the news and financial news minus the forex for the moment.

What I did find is a lot of second guessing as to what the Fed will/or not do.

I feel like I am in a “betting” parlor of “hedgers” who are about to be thrown under the bus. They are definitely those people who are part of the destruction of the financial world at present.

It is still too soon to see the effects of the weekend changes and only at the close of our markets and re-opening of markets in the east on Tuesday 12-15-2015 will we see the REALITY of our blessing….IMO

Things to note are the Fed meeting 15-16th, Congress announcing on the 16th about whether a govt. furlough will be implemented.

The world is waiting on the Fed but what will they say? It seems that some of the financial analysts are saying no rate hike.

The Eurozone is headed for a disaster since I think that the Euro is being sacrificed for the USD.

Now there is a new article about the yuan depending from the dollar. Didn’t that already happen in August?

Boy, is the financial world so slow on the data or still so backwards in how things should work?

We are definitely starting to see marker collapses both in stock and commodities. Currency as in the yuan is being sold off as of yesterday. Is this a smart move??

All I will say is everyone hold on to what you have because those who are selling are the BIG losers and we will be the educated winners.

Oil is the big lose and will continue in its downward spiral. Oil was the loser at the environmental summit and will have other implications with OPEC and the “control” of Saudi Arabia. ISIS will also be a loser with the market glut and a possible 20.00 per barrel rate.
Something just dawned on me-the US bought oil from Iraq at 38.00 per barrel and China bought oil at 20.00 rate. Today’s oil rate is 35.00!

I would say “bingo “.

This is my take on early morning. Anything is subject to change but I would say that 12-15-2015 is OUR DAY

Did you know that World Peace talks start in Switzerland on 12-15?

Interesting timing.

China’s basket case: Renewed depreciation or reform?

Europe shares higher ahead of Draghi speech; US Fed hike eyed

My opinion is that the fed won’t do a thing till late next year. The fallout from what is about to happen will take 6 months or more . Draghi is being sacrificed with the death of the Euro. And It’s only Monday.

Forget the Fed, the world is a powder keg

Holy cow! Someone see’s beyond their nose to realize that the Fed isn’t G-d!

Reaction: Europe shrugs off Asia losses

Major boo boo for ignoring.  Everyone wants to win at the casino.

Should investors pin hopes on Europe for 2016?

Oil and the Fed are giant uncertainties for stocks

Here’s another great article regarding false hopes and seeing the reality of what may happen this week.

From Reuters News: Brazilians take to streets to demand Rousseff’s impeachment

Tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Sunday to demand President Dilma Rousseff’s ouster, but the first nationwide protests since formal impeachment proceedings began were smaller than similar events earlier this year..

The only reason I am sending this is only the fact why the Brazilian currency is devaluing. The president, unfortunately is being blamed by association and the tightening of the country’s monetary belt

Bloomberg – Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar. The Winners and Losers in Paris

Bloomberg – Oil Sinks to Lowest in Almost 7 Years as Iran Vows More Supply

Okay my take on this is the death of OPEC and the Saudi Arabia 100.00 per barrel deal. Read the take on oil on the environment summit summary. ISIS is trying to capture oil fields to reap the money but at 20.00 per barrel and a gutted market are we cutting off the serpent’s head?

India close to $15B high-speed rail deal with Japan