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If it is to happen soon, I don’t see any action until after 12 midnight our time with multiple venues flipping switches.

We are hearing that China would be the one to light the fire/trigger but must be careful not to flood the system too fast although a crash is indicated in stocks, bonds, currency and commodities.

The confusion would abound but IMO it would sure be a great time to slip in a RV/GCR to save the world from a failing financial system. Only time will tell.

All signs still point to Tuesday 12-15-2015

Draghi: We’re ready and able to intensify QE

Is he ready to take the heat for the death of the Euro? 20 countries will say good-bye, not to membership but to a currency that has no hope of surviving amongst countries that will use their own.

A sovereign country should be able to handle its own currency for that very reason.

Wow, here is the map for change and no hedging!!! Good old fashion banking.