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Wake up America, this is The World talking

I listened to Bruce’s call and heard exactly what has been going on since the 19th without specifically mentioning Zap’s post on 10/21.  Bruce actually was expecting it prior to his call and perhaps later.

What truly caught my eye is the statement that “China is funding this “.

This whole project was done as a cooperative of the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family.

We need to thank the BRICS for forcing the very needed change in the financial world; to clean up all the corruption that had been in play for hundreds or. even thousands of years.

We need to thank the Dragon family, the keeper of the assets for thousands of years and are now releasing them to help Humanity get back on an “alignment ” and to clean up this planet.
The overall plan is to establish a gold standard for every country and every person that has been wronged by war and corruption.

I’m not going to lecture but it is time to realize the truth of what is about to happen. All I can think of his Robin Hood and his band of thieves who stole from the rich and gave to the poor.

Iraq has been ready for so long but has been held back for the right time. Yes, there have been delays for good reasons, and there have been out right stops from the ones that didn’t want this to happen.

People have come and gone. There are those who have lost their lives over the assets.

There have been arrests and more to come in the coming months. The financial world is in for a reality check.

A lot of prophetic things to happen have been tempered. I remember months ago when the new treasury notes where brought up and Tony said who does that make sense to?

Well it is now a reality as well as a world currency and even a world government but not in the bad sense but as a way to control the political and financial corruption.

Finally, don’t be afraid to read off main stream media. Dont be afraid to speak your mind.

Educate yourself and your children before it is too late. Communicate with each other.

Become a family again. Sit down and read to your children. Be pro active in what is being taught in school. There are so many areas that need to be cleaned up. We have become so apathetic it is truly sad.

How many people are going to watch world events once we exchange?

How many people are talking a good story about what they will do with their money and decide just to burn thru it with the lottery mentality?

Your money will be safe at the banks and you can thank the new transparency laws and the BRICS who created a way and need to circumvent the corruption of the financial world.

Remember that money is the route to all evil.

Think twice before you waste it.