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It’s 6 am and I’ve done my rounds and ironically it seems  very quiet in the finance world. Europe markets are in the plus, Asian markets are status quo and it is too early to see what could really happen today.

It is highly possible that this is going to happen very quietly.

My reasoning is that China does not want to flood the market with enormous amounts of asset. It has not been an easy road traveled for the world.  The road blocks have been many.

The traps have been set for those who still feel the “money game” is a betting deal. The financial world is falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Now the equation gets stronger for today. Positioning and what needs to happen and it may depend on behind closed doors today at the Fed and even Congress.

If the RV happened over the weekend, the Fed will answer on the 16th as well as Congress will have a budget in place and no furlough will be implemented.

 Now, the Fed is still in a bad position. There are some analysts who don’t see interest rates doing anything till late 2016 and there are those that see a 0.25 rate increase.

As of this morning, the USD is losing ground which is actually a good thing. The dollar has always done better at .86 range. This is outside the country and will remain 1.00 in country but now with more buying power but that’s a whole other lesson.

Oil is hovering in the 35.00 range.  Interesting that we bought Iraq oil at 38.00 per barrel and China bought oil at 20.00 per barrel. This may put ISIS out of business and change the outlook for OPEC.

Now gold, is it a controlled drop? I think so but going down to 800 isn’t going to happen immediately. There are those who have been manipulating the system no longer, and China isn’t about to “dump” obscene amounts of gold into the system in one large deposit.

I would say that is unrealistic. We are hearing that their plan is to filter it down to create a balance so no one country will have total control thus establishing a new gold standard.
Is the basket of currency just going to pop?

The currency dealers are truly seem oblivious to what will happen. They’ve been dumping yuan all weekend. Now who does that make sense to?

Now, we hear from many sources that the new USN’s are being released today and who is releasing them? US.

We also hear another bond is being released on the 16th but will be used for the pp’s but I can tell you that our assets have been in the banking system for a while. Remember we are paralleling the packages as to release.

And one last note, Iraq is to start collecting tariffs starting today. Many sources say that the LD’S are out and being used and tariffs deal in the international rate (hint hint)

Like I said the day is early and the timing points to today so we continue to watch as the Chinese  fireworks come to a finality.