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A follow up and possible scenario of Timing. – From Martha

Okay, here we go: it’s 4pm and no banks but IMO we still are in a very short window.

Congress passed a budget… thus no furlough of govt. employees. Now, we hear that this is a signal that they accepted the RV over the weekend.

Next is the response from the Fed. So far mixed reviews on whether there will be a rate increase or not.

The markets just closed 2 days in a row up!. That announcement will be 12/16.

Well, where is the blood bath? Is this just another prophecy from MSM that is not happening, and perhaps a great way to expose those who continue to use scare tactics to gain funds for themselves?

I, personally feel like I am in Vegas betting at the tables. Is this what finances have come to?
Okay let’s look at the “private” groups. I have a message that says” if not completed by 12-15 then it will be done by Christmas.

Next we need to see if the tariffs were implemented, today?

All right, let’s look at this a little differently. If we are paralleling Iraq, and now looking at the the prosperty packages. A bond is being released on 12-16 but we hear it is earmarked for the pp’s.

Our money, which is also bond money has already been released. What we need to realize is that China has no intention of flooding the market with massive amounts of assets.

The idea of creating a balance would go right out the window. This is why it had taken this long to do this but they have reached the point that the time is sooner than later.

Iraq is ready; in fact MORE than ready.

Two more things to look at. Iran’s sanctions have been released so many times do they even really exist? The rest of the world doesn’t think so. The new USN was to have been released today.

So, what are we waiting for?   Nothing , except timing IMO.

Windows of opportunity are from now until 12/23.12/24 is a half day for banks.
Is this just going to quietly “pop”?

We believe that China doesn’t want any fanfare at least not yet.

The markets may go crazy the end of the week. The 18th has been suggested.

Interesting fun facts:  I told you that the number 18 is Chai in the Hebrew alphabet and means good luck and good life but the number 22 is a master number and a sign of completion.

Also 12/21 is the winter solace and then comes Christmas, 12-25-2015 and a 100 % full moon. This year we also saw the star of Bethlehem.

Some banks have informed their staff no vacations starting now thru 1 -15.

We were told we would be given a 10 day lead to go into the bank and if so, the general public would go January 1st thru the 15th.

One additional note is that original intel said the “public” starts exchanging on 12-18. So we may be running a bit behind right now.

I hope this helps in the simplest manner.

Other news today:

I can’t believe what they are saying – sounds like me. I heard that the fed may go to 1-1.5%.That may crash the system.[email protected]


Ellen Brown,, 12-12-15… “Reinventing Banking: From Russia to Iceland to Ecuador” [via Jean Haines]

Some Highlights: Global developments in finance and geopolitics are prompting a rethinking of the structure of banking and of the nature of money itself. Among other interesting news items:

In Russia, vulnerability to Western sanctions has led to proposals for a banking system that is not only independent of the West but is based on different design principles.

In Iceland, the booms and busts culminating in the banking crisis of 2008-09 have prompted lawmakers to consider a plan to remove the power to create money from private banks.

In Ireland, Iceland and the UK, a recession-induced shortage of local credit has prompted proposals for a system of public interest banks on the model of the Sparkassen of Germany.

In Ecuador, the central bank is responding to a shortage of US dollars (the official Ecuadorian currency) by issuing digital dollars through accounts to which everyone has access, effectively making it a bank of the people.   Link

After Brazil, is South Africa the next EM to go bad?

We will get Santa rally…but a Grinch-y one: CEO