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I see that my time line seems to be holding for 21/22nd.

I have seen this pattern the entire year but hopefully this finally breaks the mold.  I think on Monday to Tuesday the numbers are just going to show.

China initially wanted a slow roll out but every month there was some sort of “impediment ”
(I like this new word!), whether Iraq needed to fix something, or something wasn’t signed or there was an entity that blocked it.

Elmer, Iko and the TNT gang have been working on researching and understanding this for months. We have watched the markets; watched the news and read the books. I would say we became “educated “as well so that we could attempt to keep everyone informed as this worldly event took shape.

What should have been a simple investment became part of a life altering event that effects everyone.

I, for one, can’t wait for this to be over but I also wanted to see this thru to the end. I am sure that everyone will agree to that.

We are still hearing that China is in the driver’s seat and they are calling the shots. and that no one is stopping this, and that there are no further road blocks.

I see it as a time issue. I see it this way, if the public is going with us then, I believe the forex has to show the change.

Iraq needs to officially show the rate change and we know there is no value yet on new denoms.

I say that we may see it east to west when markets open up.

This was the longest process to RV that there ever was but it did need to be done perfectly

In the end it has become a slingshot approach according to sources.

But we cannot forget how strong the “numbers” play into Chinese customs and even the IMF has referred to specific numbers especially the number 7.

We have followed calendars, the moons, the stars, the seasons and the astrology and now it’s time to release it and take a rest. IMO

The only other points of info is that 12-25-2015, which has multiple 7’s also has a 100% full moon and 1-1-2016 are crazy eights again.

I am retiring for the night and hopeful for tomorrow, the 20th of December.