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Is it possible that China is about to save our ASSets? -Last night I gave a lot of thought as to what the markets may or may not do tomorrow.

With all the signs of a disaster, did we not go this route in September with the Shemitah?  Now I do realize that the prophecy continues until October 2016.

But in September we were ready for the crash that really didn’t happen at least as bad as it was supposed to happen.

Now the markets are prepared to dump puts but if I am not mistaken (and I could be wrong) didn’t China get rid of the derivatives threat back in September?

And didn’t China “shore up” the major banks by percentage ownership? And didn’t Chase Bank, property and ownership taken care of by China?

I realize there are those who will disagree but in the last 6 months there has been documentation of this on the pages of Recaps for all to read

We are hearing that that this specific group from China wants no fanfare with these “gifts” but wants to continue to arrest and expose those who continue to scam for profit a market that needs a complete overhaul, which I believe is coming shortly.

People will be caught with their pants down (what a great exposure!) But they will pay the price. This will be a time of disclosure.

There is a “new sheriff” in town (and I use this in respect to Rayren) and that is the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family.

As we go to the bank,we all need to remember how we got here and where we are going.

The winter solstice is actually the 22nd this year and the 22nd is a completion and the 8th month anniversary of Iraqi RV. How much more could you ask for: a realignment and a completion of a major undertaking.

I think Christmas will take on a new meaning this year 12-25-2015 numerically has 7’s and 8’s plus a perfect full moon. Remember that 6 months ago we had the star of Bethlehem. What more could we ask for? And 1-1-2016 starts with “crazy eights “.

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