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I think my job is just about over. I believe We will be in the banks before the new year. I just sent an article from cnbc and all is quiet in financial world but I think the new year will start with a bang that will shake up the world.

We are still in the Shemitah and the final jubilee. Will we see the changes professed in the Bible? I can’t say but it would seem the writing is on the wall.

Astrological we have entered into a major alignment and balance of all the planets from the 23rd till 1- 6-2016

What will be said on 12-25-2015 by the Pope? I know on the 27th he will be talking about families.

Will we break a cycle of destruction, hatred, and greed?

Lots of questions and I have no answers except to believe, watch and see.

I can’t say. Im not a Rabbi, Priest or a spiritual advisor BUT I have become a more educated person through this whole event. I can only hope that I have helped open some eyes on the yellow brick road.

Why the dollar’s rise could be more modest in 2016

As we leave 2015 which as far as I can see is a false sense of security with the USD. I had a very strong feeling that China wasn’t going to explode on the market as we sort of expected.

I believe that come the first of the year to perhaps mid -year a major downward spiral to crash the old system to bring in a new financial way of life, where there is equality amongst the people and the downfall of “big” business as we know it will happen.

Equal pay for equal work. The hedging of the financial world will end. Truth will prevail.
All my love,  Martha