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Depending on who’s intel you want to be believe, on October 22,2015 was truly a completion and start of not only our future, but that of Iraq and a whole new world so to speak.

As we await our time to go to the bank, realize that come Monday 10/26/2015 the whole financial world will wake up to a total shift in the world markets. NO, it won’t be a crash, but a change in how the world financial system will function in the future.

This will be a starting point to re-alignment and “balance”(like in US budget).Every country will have the opportunity to work, manufacture, produce, invent, explore, and re-education each other in a peaceful atmosphere.

God created this beautiful planet and now it is time to clean up and re-create what God wanted for us and earth.

We will shortly leave the chat rooms but I hope that we don’t forget what brought us here in the first place; and how a simple exchange turned into a worldly game changer.
Now go forward and help those you can…..educate and communicate. Be part of the re-creation.

There are no more halts in this journey.

Be prepared and hopefully you all have learnt something from all of us.

My projects await my attention so I will say a final good bye. I have enjoyed sharing what information I had but it is time for each and every one of you to take the time to re-educate yourselves and your families.   Martha