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What happened to the platforms being down?

Yes, the markets are down till Sunday night but I see the numbers are definitely changing.

China is definitely calling the punches. This is the reality



THE IMF IS ALSO BROKE AND HAS LOST ITS CONTROL (their US benefactor! ) and because CL got her way (which the US never intended to happen.) Now CL is being punished again? for the same thing she was vindicated for how many times?

The US MODEL  is either SANCTION, ACCUSE AND ARREST AND EVEN VANISH OR “KILL OFF” Really great methods of diplomacy wouldn’t you say?

Now the BRICS ALLIANCE and the Chinese dynasty and 198 countries pulled off a plan to hopefully open ALL are eyes.

We are hearing that China has tried to do this thru diplomacy and playing hard ball with the US but they have reached their boiling point and they are ready to let this RIP!!

Iraq has been ready for so long yet each month there was an “entity” that wanted it stopped.

I’m not going to say who but there are still “families” who want the control; the greed and the hatred it creates to continue on in this manner no matter what it takes including starting wars if need be.

Okay so here we are 12/26 and things are ready to pop and hopefully we will be in the bank before the first.

Wells Fargo only needs the rate to exchange all of us . I believe they will have it this week.

Several banks have already received bond money for this exchange and soverign countries like Iraq also received bond money.

Between debt forgiveness and China backing several currencies, this is a whole new ball game.

Our information says that the RV has happened …now it is time to show it to the world.

I believe that the US has run out of time outs ;no more tricks, this is for real.

I realize that everything has gone quiet but I will stick my neck out to say we will be in before the first and by the 6th of January,

I think you will see the collapse of the financial markets in order to totally clean up a broken system that cannot continue to destroy not just the USA but the world.

An answer to the oil situation and why.

#1 yes, the market is gutted right now and yes for good reason. We, the US bought oil from Iraq at 38.00 per barrel and China bought at 20.00 per barrel and yes that is where it is headed to.

#2 ISIS is trying to gain oil fields in order to pump oil and sell it on the black market to the highest bidder. good luck at 20.00 per barrel. Now enter OPEC that also wants 100.00 per barrel. Saudi Arabia is crying poverty to the US while they continue to flaunt their family riches.

#3 Now enter the international summit on the environment. Well, it looks like a major shift in the weather this winter – less heating oil. Now add all these new alternatives to using oil as an energy source. Less need for black gold

And last Obama opened up the US to production of oil for export. It’s about time. Lets share the wealth although it maybe little late…. but it is a start.

One last note. We have been told that the world settlements were finalized last week and will hopefully start to be available starting this week.

Be reminded that we have been paralleling the prosperty packages and their release.

Things should be full force starting the 1st week of January. Lets keep our fingers crossed

And one last note TNT team. .None of us are professional financial wizards. We have all spent hours putting together a puzzle that has had so many “missing pieces” in it that we have had to go looking for.

None of us are “gurus” a term that I personally feel has become derogatory. We are concerned citizens who came together with a cause to exchange some currency. Little did we know what we all signed on for.

I have said that I would hang on until we are in the banks even though how many times I said good-bye. We need to respect those who need to go silent with info.

We all have our sources and sometimes it is necessary to stop the flow.

Please give all the Intel Providers their well earned respect as we finish up this journey.