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Let’s look at this backwards. For argument sake, Iraq has RV’d and did so on 12-22 (the 8th month of the original RV 4-22-2015).Now suppose we had 10 days to exchange before it goes Public and I mean truly public.

Okay well, we all hoped for Christmas but we are still in the season so to speak.

Iraq and the US are entering 3 day weekends. Also back in November there was an Eid holiday and  some Intel Providers said look for official RV at the end of December?

Iraq is now using the Gregorian calendar and also world business hours like banking on Fridays and lining up with markets East to West.

They still continue to honor their religious beliefs but realize that like any country, they are not only Islamic, with majority of the people are Sunni and Shia but there are Christians and perhaps in the near future the return of the Iraqi Jews.

Okay, so come 1-1-2016 when New rates should be on the forex coming out and international status.

AH, but this is a holiday that is celebrated in most parts of the world. Banks and markets are closed.

Now enter the holiday weekend, so that Iraq is fully ready to come on line 1-4-2016. At this point we are still hearing that the whole world is going to know.

Now as far as we go, we may not actually see this on the forex if the platform is down for trading, but we are hearing that the banks already have the rates and have been funded by China already to cover specific currencies like the Zim and even the dinar with debt forgiveness in both cases and in specific sovereign bonds.

Realize we, the US are broke. There has some band-aid work done and China and the BRICS hold the key to our future.

IMO China doesn’t want to “own” us but help wake us up to what we have become.

China PTB also said in the past that they would not bankcrupt us either but we certainly don’t have enough to fund this venture, so hearing that they have  given us “several gifts” to start us on our way. “Don’t look a gift horse in the face”.

I honestly hope that we do start today or tomorrow to get us all in before the 4th because… walking in off the streets (street rates) won’t get you the higher rates that we hear have been arranged by China.

Sources say that Iraq has been 1:1 for awhile and coming out of the shoot next week she should be 3.41 + / -.

I send my thanks to Poppy for his great post . Link

Also remember that today, the 29th holds a lot of promise especially since Iran is TOTALLY OFF SANCTIONS for the how many times? on the 31st.

Nice to see they are shipping uranium and not “blowing up the world with it” ( a little sick humor) but IMO we need to give these countries a chance to prove they can be trusted.

We, the US have created these situations to start wars to gain thru monetary greed. Hopefully this will now end.

Think about it this way – we have almost 200 countries that DON’T TRUST US! What is wrong with this picture? Enough said.

Also today, is supposed to be the release of the world settlement funds or what is called the MATRIX, a road map of funds filtering down to various entities .  January should truly be a month of Jubilee.