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To all my TNT friends,I haven’t left just yet. I am here to the release of the 800# but based on all the info we have communicated, I can honestly say we are there.

China,aka the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family have accomplished what needed to be done – dismantling of a world financial system that has taken from the poor and placed in the hands of power hungry people.

Come Monday the whole world will know as they would have known on October 20th.

Today 10/25 marks the end of the Hebrew fall.

It also marks the end date of the Yom Kippur / Ramadan War of 1973 when the entire Arab coalition and Egypt went against Israel.

18,500 people lost their lives over a small strip of land called the Gaza Strip. The Victor was Israel and Egypt, who got back control of Suez Canal. Iraq alone lost 300 people.

Now for the final time, the full moon is 10/27 and the UN operational rate sheet is 10/29 for 11/1. There was also a statement made that ALL will be completed in the Gregorian calender month of October. The End

One funny but sad article to read .I found this on CNBC about Chase Bank firing a group of new “bankers” for cheating on a simple math exam. Now you know why we need to change our education system – remember the 3 R’s!

Please insert the article I am sending. Thanks gang.

UK trainees at JPMorgan fired for cheating: Report