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This is my good bye…

It would seem that “We the People” are about to help change the world. There were several confirmations last night that say today is our day. Don’t believe the naysayers that still say 2016….Like Tony says who does that make sense to.

Everyone has been well prepared. Be ready; have your plan in place to implement and most of all stay calm and in control. Believe me it will all come together. Show the world how educated you are and how professional you have become.

We are waking up to a new world which we actually helped to re-mold.

Don’t ever forget the past history; the present and what the future is about to be. As Tony has said in the past that this investment became part of something so big that we are only a very small piece of it but if it weren’t for TNT perseverance, we, the people would still be sitting here with nothing and the world would still be controlled by PTB who want TOTAL control.

It is now up to us to start to help change the world if only a small piece at a time.

Good luck to all and as Tony says “Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. Martha