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I went outside at 5am, today, and it is cool and quite breezy for Florida. I can definitely feel a change a coming; a change so big that we will all feel it, encompass it; excite us and become a major game changer for the whole world.

After last night’s 2 posts by Zap, I now know we have finally arrived at the point of lift off!
I made a decision back in January that I was going to help bring this “baby” home.

I was just as upset with all the “bad” things going on in the world as well as the good things trying to come to all of us.

I spent hours trying to educate, calculate and communicate to all who would listen. In turn, I educated myself; shared and worked with others to try and bring this together with a positive result. We became a team to be reckoned with.

I can only thank all of you at TNT for being that team. I wish to thank all the other groups who brought in lots of great intel and helped put the puzzle together.

The next 2 weeks are going to be very interesting. I only hope that you ALL continue to educate yourselves to the past, watch the present and realize that you are part of a history changer and finally be prepared for a better future.

It is definitely our time to clean up this planet and create a harmonious life for all.   Martha