MarZ & Michael Cottrell Friday Morning Chat

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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Good morning everyone … this is a good Friday to start a good weekend

Member: if bond and groups are signing NDA’s …….I anticipate Intel will really start drying up…..and this is a good thing for us all……

MZ: We still have bond people expecting beginning payments today. Hopefully that means Mr. C will be getting a visit.

MZ: There are a lot of bond appointments for Monday morning as well.

MZ: Bank Chatter: My Redemption Center folks will be working a half day tomorrow and will be on call on Sunday….. I have contacts in 3 centers. They are like fireman…have to be ready and make sure that everything is working in case they get the big call…..prepared for when it is time…..

Member: Hello All .. seems Iraq shall vote on President Feb 7 . although the CBI can revalue anytime .


Member: Mark- who finally says the RV is a GO?!!


MZ: As we understand it – it will be the grandfather of the Chinese Banking Families. There is a group of about 6 key people that will say “ok-it’s time..” I believe they have already been given that time and that schedule. I think we are watching it play out right now.


MZ: About CMKX- Since it is Friday I believe the earliest we may see deliveries would be Sunday…..just my thought…..


MZ: I have one Banking story I wanted to share: PNC recently purchased BBVA….A fellow pilot who has great connections asked a banker if :


Q: Is the transition going smooth from one system to another?


A: No, it took weeks to link accounts together…to get issues resolved.


Q: I was uncomfortable with PNC bank because of its affiliation with Blackrock.


A: The banker acknowledged it was a concern with many people …but said that PNC sold their shares and interest in Black rock for 17 Billion and are not affiliated with Blackrock anymore.


Q: When will you distribute the new USN Rainbow Notes?


A: (he said without a hesitation) I know about that and it will be soon.


Q: Is PNC on the new QFS system for banking?


A: Yes. Everything has been set up. We call it the “Pinnacle System”not the QFS.


Q: Are you sure it’s the QFS system?


A: Yes- that is what we cal the “Pinnacle System”


Q: A local BB&T bank has been purchased by Truist and installed new signs… it’s interesting that they are calling it Truist… because that is allegedly the name of the new USN note.


A: (He laughed) yes, they did name it after the new currency.


MZ: This person had been a doubter before but after talking with a banker he has banked with in a level of responsibility has now become a very big believer.




Member: Pinnacle seems to be just the platform that PNC bank uses.


Member: Doesn’t the RV go at the same time the new currency is released? I’ve spoken to a local bank here and they were busy, busy, busy transitioning to “a new system” about 2 months ago.


Member: According to Bruce after Markets close on Fri. 28 Jan. the new USN would be working to be a live currency by Tues. 1 Feb.


Member: An Employee at my bank got exceptionally excited and nodded her head severely when I asked if she saw the new currency….


Member: Chase Bank is now calling itself JPMorgan Wealth Management… It’s happening!!


Member: My BB&T bank changed to Truist.


Member: Why is it called rainbow currency?


MZ: I am being told they have redesigned the new currency and it has lots of colors in it. And it will actually be Treasury dollars…not Fed Reserve notes. We have seen a lot of proposed pictures….it will be interesting to see what happens.


Member:I have heard the  Rainbow currency is named for being backed by Gold, silver, platinum, copper.




Member: There are stories of people receiving the new USTNs out of ATMs in Canada and Mexico.


Member: According to Bruce, Tier 3 Bond Holders were getting access to 5% of their monies and would have full access of 20% by Tues. 1 Feb.


Member: According to Bruce, Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) should receive emails for notification to set appointments by Mon. 31 Jan. and be able to set appointments starting on Tues. 1 Feb


Member: Good Article in Recaps from Yahoo that over 20,000 students in shock over student loan forgiveness…….maybe Nesara is happening now????


Member: If IRS is DONE. Will we pay taxes this year?????


Member: PAY your taxed until the Treasury says not to.


Member: Hopefully we have our currency appointments before tax time and then you would be able to pay.


Member: I hear no more income taxes after Nesara starts…woohoo


Member: We are going to 17 percent sales tax on new items . No more taxes at all. Just sayin


Member: So I wonder …does all debt go away and we get all IRS taxes back?


Member: Until we see the big perp walks, I don’t believe the good guys are in control!’


Member: Things are HAPPENING, people! Track all the resignations, not running for office or have stepped down. If they were in control, would this be happening? Me thinks not!!!


Member: The main thing I’m truly looking forward to is PEACE people have been through so much and peace will be worth more than any Gold or Silver to me


Member: the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous. just like when Israel left Egypt they left with all their gold people we are going to be blessed. blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Dancing….


Member: Chinese New Year is coming, they shut down for 2 weeks so if this doesn’t happen by end of Jan, we won’t see this until Feb.


Member: Still hoping we see a “shotgun start” this weekend


Member: What triggers a shotgun start ? I’ve heard so many different things. I’ve heard 4B might go at the same time Bonds get paid


Member: Could someone explain “Shotgun Start” please?


Member: Everyone is ready ……and will all go at the same time when the trigger is pulled.


Member: today would be a great day for the reset…right after markets close


Member: Im a newby……Can someone tell me what the tiers are?


Member: Tiers 1-3 are large orgs/those who have had legal settlements a long time ago but never got paid. 4A are the whales, people who have had a lot of curr from years ago. 4B is all of us. 5 is the public.


Member: Dow is at -289 now


Member: gold and silver down this morning: gold -4.50 and silver down -.166


Member: Markets: Stocks down, Metals down Cryptos down, Oil up.




Mr. Cottrell joins the stream at about minute 15:00. Please listen to the replay for all of his information.


MC: (Referencing MZ Bank story above) It’s interesting that they are renaming the QFS system but both banks will be part of the new system.


Thanks Mark, Mr. C and mods…..looking forward to tonights podcast!!!

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