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Iraq gets an American extension to exempt from the sanctions imposed on Iran

The United States of America announced, on Saturday, the extension of Iraq’s exemption from the sanctions imposed on Iran to the file of importing electricity, while clarifying the imposition of sanctions on 20 people.

“America announced today the inclusion of 20 personalities and entities who violate Iraqi sovereignty, and are using the Iraqi economy to transfer money to the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” said Morgan Ortagos, the State Department’s official spokeswoman, in a statement.

“These people are helping to provide the financial support that enables the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to transfer deadly assistance to Iranian-backed groups, such as the Hezbollah Brigades, and the League of the Righteous, and engage in malicious actions and activities that undermine the Iraqi government’s efforts towards energy independence,” the statement added. .

She noted that “the entities and personalities listed today are working for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Iraq’s dependence on Iranian electricity imports, in accordance with the waiver of sanctions issued by the United States, Iraq is allowed to enter into financial transactions related to the import of electricity from Iran, and the purpose of this waiver renewed by the United States Today is to meet the immediate energy needs of the Iraqi people. ”

She noted that “the inclusion of these personalities and entities today confirms that the United States will not tolerate the exploitation of the malicious Iranian parties for the transactions under which the sanctions are waived, and we will continue to focus on punishing those who exploit these concessions in favor of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard or other terrorist groups included.” She added that “Iraq is rich in natural resources and has the ability to reduce its dependence on Iranian energy, for the sake of Iraq’s security and the welfare of its people.”

She continued, “The United States is working regularly with the Iraqi government on energy security, and we support measures that reduce Iraqi energy dependence on Iran, and we look forward to a speedy solution to the process of forming the Iraqi government and working with a government committed to achieving the security that the Iraqi people deserve.” Source