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Central Bank: The dollar’s appreciation will end this week

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed the implementation of several steps to control the high exchange rate of the dollar in the markets.

“The central bank has implemented a number of steps to control the exchange rate of the dollar,” he said, noting that “the bank will try and in anyway to curb this large disparity.

”Jabbar explained that “there are some weak souls speculating in dollars, so the bank Central will try in any way to curb this great disparity and we expect this week to resolve the issue of higher dollar prices.”

He explained that ”Obozor these steps to open ports for sale and the strengthening of banks in hard currency, while Rahj to end the rise happening in the dollar exchange rate against Uncle Of the local during the current week.”

The exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets during the past few days increased, reaching sometimes from 126 to 128 thousand dinars per 100 dollars. Source