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Parliamentary Security and Defense: The strategic dialogue with Washington begins in the middle of next month

The Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee confirmed today, Friday, that the strategic dialogue with Washington will start in the middle of next month

, and the member of the committee, Rep. Kata Al-Rikabi, said that “it was agreed that the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington will be in the middle of next month, but the government did not give any news, especially since it did not A foreign minister nominated to lead these negotiations with the American side, calling on the government to “accelerate the completion of the ministerial cabinet in order to prepare for these negotiations.

” Al-Rikabi indicated that “the Iraqi-American negotiations came according to a request from the American side to the previous government,” noting that “The negotiations between the two sides will not start from scratch because of the existence of the strategic framework agreement between the two governments, and they are continuing until now.”

He added that “the Iraqi-American negotiations started since the year 2008 and two agreements emerged from them: the first is the Strategic Framework Agreement and the second is the removal of American forces,” stressing that “there are agreements between the ministries that will be the starting point for completing some of the obligations of the two governments.”

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi had discussed in a phone call with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the preparations to start the strategic dialogue between Baghdad and Washington. Source