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Parliamentary demands to open an investigation into the delivery of the Iraqi treasury, which is empty of money

MP Raad Dahlaki, on Thursday, demanded that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the House of Representatives open an urgent investigation on the handing over of the empty Iraqi treasury by former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

Al-Dahlaki said in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, “The advisor to the Prime Minister announced in a press conference that the Al-Kazemi government received the Iraqi treasury and it contains only $ 300 million. Advertise it.”

He added: “We are surprised by this dubious silence by the political forces, and we are wondering why this silence? Was it not better for those concerned to stand on the merits of this catastrophe? Why did everyone deaf his ears to the issue of the absence of a budget for this year?

Where did the Iraqi treasury money go? And we have left operations Liberation has suspended all investment projects, and there is an acute and significant shortage in providing services to the citizen, not to mention that the departments stopped for more than several months because of the spread of the epidemic, so how did the Iraqi treasury become empty.

And he stated, “It is a shame that we take the salary deductions from the Iraqi society and hold them responsible for the financial and economic deterioration taking place while we are silent towards other issues that were the reason for what we have reached,” calling on Al-Kazimi to take bold steps to return this country its money and dignity. Source