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Next July … a new round of talks between Iraq and America

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, on Sunday, a new round of talks between Iraq and America, next July.

“Facing the economic crisis is a priority on the agenda of Iraqi diplomacy,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf.

Al-Sahaf pointed out that “other areas of cooperation, the determinants of which are the Iraqi interest, whether at the political level, security, economic, scientific, or technical, or other areas of joint cooperation”, calling on all countries of the world to stand on our side in facing challenges with Preserving sovereignty, and not interfering in our internal affairs. ”

On the results of the Iraqi-American strategic dialogue, Al-Sahaf explained that “the two sides agreed in the first round of the strategic dialogue to form a high-level coordination committee to follow up on the results of the first meeting” and continued, that “the dialogue continues and there will be sustainability for it during meetings to be held in next July In Washington, D.C.” Source