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Kurdish Minister: The Baghdad and Erbil talks are characterized by the existence of a real will, and we will obtain the benefits of Kurdistan

The Minister of Territories outside the region in the Kurdistan government, a member of the Kurdish delegation, Khaled Shawani, said that this stage of negotiations is characterized by “the existence of a real will” with the federal government and the regional government to resolve the outstanding issues.

Shawani said, in a press statement, that “Iraq is going through an economic crisis; likewise, the region’s government is going through the same crisis, and so are Iraq’s obligations towards OPEC in terms of maintaining oil prices, and therefore, this requires cooperation between the federal governments in Baghdad and the region’s government in Erbil to face all possible repercussions of that. ”

He added that ” There are financial benefits to Kurdistan regardless of these conditions, which relate to the salaries of employees, as well as other financial benefits, in addition to understanding on the oil revenues file, and how the two parties can reach a solution on this file; Among them are the Kurdistan region’s benefits in accordance with the constitution. ”

He explained that “what is important for us is how to cooperate between the two parties to cross this crisis.”

On the difference between these discussions and previous rounds during the past three months, Shawani said, “What distinguishes this stage of negotiations is the existence of a real will among the two governments to address all these problems, and therefore; with this will, we hope to reach solutions and understandings, especially The atmosphere is positive during the dialogues, both those that took place during the last period and which we have now begun with officials in Baghdad.” Source