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Trump clarifies his position on the wars of the Middle East and the involvement of his country’s forces in them

The White House released a statement in which outgoing President Donald Trump spoke about his country’s position on the wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and the participation of US forces in them.

Trump said, “US forces in Afghanistan are at their lowest level in 19 years. Likewise, our forces in Iraq and Syria are at their lowest point for many years.”

He added, “I will always be committed to stopping the never-ending wars.”

He continued, “I have had a great honor in rebuilding our army and supporting our brave military men and women.”

Trump stressed that “$ 2.5 trillion has been invested, which also included the purchase of new military equipment manufactured in the United States.”

Last December, the US Department of Defense stated, “No new orders have been issued affecting the continued withdrawal of forces … and it is expected to reduce them by 2,500 personnel by January 15, 2021.”

She added, “The number of soldiers in Iraq will be reduced from 3000 to 2500 soldiers by 2021.” Source