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Iraq reveals its plan to revitalize the private sector

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced, on Sunday, that there is a plan to revitalize the private sector, to promote the national industry to achieve an increase in national income.

The Director General of Industrial Development Aziz Nazem said, according to the official agency, that “the General Directorate of Industrial Development has a plan to establish projects within the private sector with a wide and wide area of preparation that includes various food, construction and chemical activities.”

He added, “The revitalization of the private sector comes through specific support and is known to the industrialists, which is the openness to establish projects, provide protection and capital, support the import of production machinery, as well as activate laws to protect the national product, competition and non-monopoly.”

He pointed out that “these laws will support the national industry, which will achieve important things, including youth employment, as well as the growth of the national economy and the increase in the national income of the country.”

In a separate context, he explained that “Fallujah Cement Factory is one of the governmental factories that support the rehabilitation of private companies, as it stopped in the stage of ISIS terrorist gangs, and now it has been opened by the Ministry of Industry,” indicating that “the number of workers in the plant ranges between 1200 to 1500 workers and employees.”