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Details of Al-Kazemi’s talks with the President of the World Bank Group

The office of the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, revealed, on Tuesday, the details of the latter’s discussions with the President of the World Bank Group, Farid Belhaj.

And the office stated, in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, that “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received, today, the Vice President of the World Bank Group for the Middle East and North Africa, Farid Belhaj and his accompanying delegation.”

The statement added, “The meeting during which they discussed ways to enhance cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank in various programs and fields, and with regard to mechanisms to combat corruption and rebuild the structure of the public service in a way that increases efficiency, establishes sustainable development and optimal investment of human capital, and some were discussed.” The World Bank’s lagging projects in Iraq and agreement on ways to reactivate it.”

The Prime Minister stressed, during the meeting, “Iraq’s determination, despite all challenges, to proceed on the path of economic reform, according to long-term visions that depend on effective solutions.”

And he indicated that “the government puts in mind the interests of Iraq first and the needs of the Iraqi people, in addition to benefiting from the advice provided by discreet financial institutions such as the World Bank.”

For his part, Belhaj praised the Bank’s “historical and strategic relations with Iraq.”

He pointed out, “The sobriety of the white reform paper presented by the government, which includes a coherent vision for ambitious economic development in a way that enhances the goals of good governance.”