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The Central Bank of Iraq launched, on Wednesday, an initiative to support energy production in Iraq.

A statement of the bank, a copy of which was received by Mawazine News, stated that “in line with international obligations towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Paris Climate Agreement and reducing fuel uses, the Central Bank of Iraq has decided to work to encourage the adoption of energy production tools from renewable sources, and to work with the Supreme Committee To lend to ensure the processing of a percentage of the electric energy generated from renewable energy sources (solar panels) in the investment housing complexes benefiting from the initiative.”

The statement continued: “In addition to coordinating with the Industrial Bank to finance the purchase of electricity generation systems from the sun for citizens’ homes or projects, and in order to provide part of the electrical energy required by the work of the Central Bank, it decided to acquire electrical power generation systems and install them on its buildings in Baghdad and its branches.”

He stressed, “The Central Bank encourages all authorized banks and institutions wishing to equip clean energy systems to interact with this trend and present their offers and experiences to this bank and the rest of the state institutions and the private sector.”TNT