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Barzani: Partnership with Baghdad is important and we will continue to solve outstanding problems through dialogue

Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechervan Barzani said Tuesday that the Kurdistan Regional Partnership with Baghdad is important, pointing out that the Democratic Party will continue to demand the solution of the outstanding problems with Baghdad through dialogue.

“The Democratic Party will be in Baghdad to preserve the rights of Kurdistan and not to make empty conflicts on the ground,” said Barzani, who is deputy head of the party during a speech at a public rally in the framework of the party’s campaign in Shaqlawa northeast of Erbil. Television screens “.

“When we announced the holding of the referendum, our slogan was to obtain our legitimate rights through dialogue and within the framework of the Iraqi constitution. The referendum was held to obtain our rights. We do not want wars, we demand,” he said. Our rights through dialogue, because the partnership is important between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad. ”

Barzani said, “If the Kurdistan Democratic Party is strong in Baghdad, Kurdistan will also be strong,” stressing that “we have said previously and say now, we want to be united with the rest of the Kurdish parties in Baghdad and to preserve the unity of the Kurdish row.” Source