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Postponement of the case of the export of Kurdistan oil region directly to the third of next month

The Federal Supreme Court decided on Sunday to postpone the lawsuit “to export the Kurdistan region oil extracted from the region directly” to the third day of next month.

“The Supreme Federal Court held its session under the chairmanship of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud and the membership of all judges, and considered the request of the prosecutor and the Minister of Oil, in addition to his job to oblige the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region / In addition to its function, the implementation and implementation of the provisions of the Constitution and the relevant laws in force, and hand over the entire production of oil produced in the region to the Federal Oil Ministry.

He added that “the hearing witnessed the presence of all parties to the lawsuit, including the third persons entered by the court to find out what is necessary to resolve the case, they are agents of the President of the Federal Council of Ministers, the Federal Finance Minister, and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council in addition to their jobs.”

The official spokesman said that “the Deputy Prosecutor of the Third Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan region / in addition to his job request the delay and the postponement of the case for the purpose of submission of its response,” noting that “the Federal Supreme Court decided – after the agreement of the parties – to postpone the case until the third of next month to enable it of that.” Source