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Sadr calls for accountability for stealing Iraq’s money

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, called on Monday to hold accountable those who stole Iraq’s money.

Sadr said in a tweet published on his own account of the social networking site, followed by / Mawazin News, “In the past days of the parties had their share of positions and the money of Iraq a lot, whether legally or not, and that lasted 15 years, is enough? “He said.

He added: “The time has come for the people to take their credit through independent technocrats, or is it time to hold those who steal Iraq’s money, and to promote the good of the right.” “Either it is time to reach the rights of the citizen without his control by the parties.”

He continued: “The time for the citizen to carry out his duties towards his homeland to the fullest and leave the interests of partisan and sectarian, sectarian, ethnic, regional, tribal, family and personal.”

He concluded by saying: “It is time to raise the homeland and the citizen above each affiliation.”

Sadr instructed earlier, not to nominate any candidate for any ministry for his part in the next government. Source