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Harb reveals the purpose of Al-Kazemi’s visit to Iran: mediation with America

A legal expert, Tariq Harb, revealed, on Sunday, the purpose of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s visit to Iran.

In an interview with Mawazine News, Harb said, “Will Al-Kazemi succeed in his mediation between Iran and America in his visit today to Iran after the visit of the most senior US military official to Iraq three days ago and after Iran was satisfied with not inviting America to the Baghdad conference that was held eight days ago and after the success of Al-Kazemi is in his mediation between Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia, so that the effects of that success appeared and will appear after days, and so that was evident from the bilateral meetings of these countries.

He added, “What appears that his visit today to the neighbor Iran was for the issue of the relationship of Iran and America in particular, even if Al-Kazemi will discuss other issues between the two countries, Iraq and Iran, which we suggest is Al-Kazemi’s success in his endeavor to bring America and Iran closer, despite the accuracy and complexity of the issue of America’s relationship with Iran, especially since all Countries have withdrawn from this issue or wish to continue the bad relationship between the two countries. What is strange and surprising is the extreme secrecy, so that the Iraqi government did not address previous mediations and new mediations, and it seems that it does not want to announce that Iraq has more to do with that.”