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The US ambassador to Iraq, Matthew Tueller, revealed the details of the next stage in Iraq.

He said Tauler in a television interview, said that ” the campaign against al Daesh will enter a new phase by the end of this year” in Iraq and Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga will top the campaign against al Daesh with the end of this year , and our role is to enable Iraqi forces to ensure that the return of the organization Daesh. ”

He added, n” forces Iraqi security and the Peshmerga were partners in defeating ISIS, but there must be stronger coordination” between the two parties, praising the “wonderful things” that have been accomplished since 2014 thanks to “US-Iraqi cooperation.”

Tueller stressed that “our involvement in Iraq helps develop the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces,” noting that the United States provides “intelligence information and advice to the Iraqis.”

The ambassador condemned the attacks in Erbil and the Kurdish region, stressing that they are “a threat to the people of Iraq and the stability of the country.”