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Speech of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi to the Iraqi people

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

O sons of our Iraqi people

From north to south and from east to west
And from its ease to the mountains and its rivers and plateau and deserts ..
Peace be upon you .. wherever you are

In these moments when the Sons of Iraq spare their lives and their pure blood in defense of Mesopotamia and the unity of the country.

In the days of the intensification of the war on terrorism and with the approaching final victory over the Al-Da’ash in western Anbar, Hawija, western Kirkuk and every place, the map of Iraq is being exposed to an attempt to divide those that would tear apart the unity of Iraq and differentiate between the sons of one nation on a national and ethnic basis and expose them all to dangers. Severe.

At a time when we unite the people and the fighters to repel the criminal gang, we are surprised by the calls for discrimination and a return to the era of darkness, domination and dictatorship.

Tikrit, Anbar and Mosul have removed the danger from Erbil and the cities of the beloved north. This is a duty we owe and we will defend in every inch of the precious land of Iraq.

Today, we confirm that we will not abandon our Kurdish citizens. We have rejected and rejected the sectarian state and the racist state. Iraq will remain for all Iraqis and we will not allow it to be the property of this and it acts in it as it pleases and without counting the consequences.

The duty of leaders is to take care of citizens’ affairs and to protect them from the dangers that surround them, not to endanger them and to bring them into conflict.

What did the Iraqis gain from the conflicts that the tyrant Saddam inflicted on them internally and externally?

Nothing but destruction and saturation of arrogance and domination and recklessness that led Iraq to loss and underdevelopment and loss of security and stability.

The regime of tyrant Saddam has oppressed all Iraqis by Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and other components because he saw in all honorable Iraqis a threat to him and his tyrannical rule. The majority of Iraqis rejected this oppression and domination, but there was a misguided eagle of all nationalities aligned with the tyrant of the Arabs, Kurds and other nationalities. It was also supported by Arab Baathists, Ba’athists and Kurds, as well as Arab and Kurdish Baathists, injustice and racism. After reminding us of these facts, all the Arabs were accused of accusing the people of Baghdad of injustice while the worst injustice was inflicted on them by a repressive regime. Of different nationalities.

What should be explained to our dear Kurdish people is that most of the problems of the region are internal and not with Baghdad and therefore they will be consistent with the calls for separation, and the economic and financial difficulties in the region are the result of corruption and mismanagement.

My words to the Kurdish people in particular: Ask the officials in the region where the money goes oil and they seized about 900 thousand barrels of oil per day, equivalent to a quarter of oil produced in the rest of Iraq .. Why pay the salaries of employees in the region, although reduced to the minimum levels with them On the quantities of oil much higher than the proportion of the population in the province compared to the rest of the cities of Iraq, while we are here in the center and despite the great economic difficulties and the cost of the high war did not lower salaries and did not stop.

Ask the region’s officials: Why do not oil imports enter a clear and public account that citizens know, as we do here in the central government, and why they do not allow financial control of public funds.

These questions about the fate of the oil money of the region and the non-payment of salaries have been offered to the officials of the region several times, and directed the financial control bodies to do its duty, but, on the pretext of independence of the region, they reject the work of the oversight and integrity and consider it interference, while the real goal is to cover corruption and mismanagement. “These facts, although we have previously announced to the public several times, but we were not focused on the media and did not want to enter the media war in order to obtain fair and equitable solutions that preserve public funds and citizens’ rights and within the constitutional and legal frameworks of the relationship between the government And the eleventh region.

Public funds shall not be the property of persons and parties and shall pay salaries and donations to supporters and leave the rest of the citizens.

Another proof that the problems of the province is the internal freeze of the work of parliament for twenty-two months and the continuation of the provincial government without legal cover because of the policies of officials in the region. And these internal problems within the region will also be exacerbated, and there will be no support from either the international community or the neighbors because of the hostile positions of the regional officials against all their neighbors and against the international community, which are contrary to the interests of our citizens in the region.

We can not continue to impose the status quo by force, and this logic will fail as the failure of the Baathist Baathist to impose on the Iraqis the brutality and the power of arms.

The uniqueness of the decision affects the unity and security of Iraq and affects all its citizens and the security of the region through the referendum on the unilateral separation is a decision contrary to the Constitution and peaceful coexistence between citizens will not be dealt with nor its results and we will take steps later to preserve the unity of the country and the interests of all citizens.

One victorious Iraq lived
And will remain for all his sons

Peace, mercy and blessings of God,

Dr. Haider Abadi

Prime Minister
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces