In MilitiaMan 

Article: “The House of Representatives has finished reading two laws and addresses an oral question to the Finance and Planning Ministers”  Quotes: “…to begin its implementation, in addition to the necessity to devise a real reform plan to address the delay in implementing projects…”; “…as well as knowing the value of the exchange rate specified in the next budget…” The picture they are painting (imo) is they are implementing the real reform plan. They are even going so far as to tell us that they will need the value of the exchange rate for the next budget.  They have not resolved the next budget yet, that I am aware of? The next budget on the table is the 2020 budget leading into the 2021, imo.

They…tell us they have a session for  (Thursday the 10th). Same day that PM Kadhimi is to be in the Kurds back yard for a meeting on important issues, oil and gas, customs and borders, etc..  Same day… that Al- Hakim is having think tanks gearing to talk about rebuilding the new social contract and rebuilding the state. Lets still keep in mind Kadimi, has a special session for the start of next week to approve the 2020 budget. Which is  looking to be the next one on the table. imo.  (Thursdays) session maybe be a very powerful one that could change the playing field. We shall see if it is a “September to Remember” but, it sure looks like a synchronization is in play now not in 2021, as they say “next”  and that is now real close…imo.