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Article: “Al-Kazemi, on the region’s outlets: I have touched a positive atmosphere in Erbil, and this is in the service of the country” There you go!!! They are integrating the federal and regional governments that includes the border outlets. The amount of customs and tax revenues will be massive over time…It will be a mechanism that will help pay salaries and provide an environment that will decrease the need for borrowing.  …With the system integrated with block chain technology, they’ll be able to know where the money is at all times and for what, from who and when…They are removing all obstacles that hinder trade exchange processes. That means they have now or will have the ability to move international capital at the borders to facilitate trade exchange.  K and B’s meeting has been a success from the looks of it…This article reeks of good times ahead!! imo. Once they get the Rate they can cross borders to the big time. imo.