In MilitiaMan 

We see that in…articles that are out lately that the reform papers and budgets are being talked about. They talk about not only the 2019, 2020 and 2021. They will not hopscotch around any of them… They are to be in-sync and in order. They feed off each other. The Finance Minister has shown the 2020 Draft to the parliament days ago. The draft has the exchange rate at a program rate, as it has been not voted on it yet, a not normal thing at all. But they tell us that the budget  can be changed or delayed. In other words the 2020 budget can be amended. I believe there is support that it will be amended away from a program rate. Because, they are not able to borrow at a program rate or they would have already. They have exhausted all avenues with the IMF, WB, countries, etc…imo.