In MilitiaMan 

The 2020 budget is not off the table yet, imo. The cannot legislate (enact) it yet. It is not to be looked over. It has a purpose with it… the Cabinet to finish this week and then the Parliament will see it next week…All to be done within or over the legislative time frame of a two week period.  They already have had one special session on it already. Most likely imo the 2019 FMLA is inside it, thus, it is being timed accordingly.   Lets not forget the electronic systems to be in place at the Borders and the GOI. They need to fire once they decide to go international or expose a new exchange rate. They will need to be transparent. Thus, we see the adjustments being made to personnel at 8-9 key places. They include the CBI.  All still looks very promising…imo.