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Article: “Electricity announces the payment of salaries of contract holders and daily wages”  Quote: “Minister, which resulted in securing the salaries of the two tranches and transferring their allocations from the investment budget to the operational one. He disclosed that “their salaries will be paid for the month of March today, Sunday, provided that the rest of the months will be paid with retroactive effect after the budget is approved“  The budget agreement appears to have a retroactive mechanism to pay salaries.  They also let it be known they can adjust monies from the investment side of a budget to the operational side. Take note this is not about the 2021 at all. March is in 2020 for a retroactivation to be applicable. This is slated for today… Rate before budget, imo… international continuity must mean that the two entities are in agreement at which they’ll be working and being paid. Imo.